The Customer is ALWAYS Right…

Some of you may know that we sell our ESD, cleaning, and pain support products on multiple channels: eBay, Amazon, and Play. We always strive to provide great service, but even so, I was surprised this morning when I logged into my Amazon seller account to take the daily orders. Amazon has introduced a new seller rating page to easily see and keep track of your seller rating. So, how is PCValet doing as a seller? Very well, thank you. In the efforts of total transparency, I wanted to share it with you, being the proud shop owner that I am.

Amazon rating for pcvalet

amazon ratings pcvalet trend graph

I didn’t know we were in the top 6% of all sellers on Amazon for our excellent rating. Well done, us! This is also based on the last year, so it’s looking pretty good. We’ve been on Amazon for awhile, but it’s only been about a year since we got our whole catalogue onto our Amazon store.

I thought I’d also show you our feedback for orders over the last year. We shipped out a grand total of over 5000 orders, and I still can’t quite believe it, considering I started this business in a spare bedroom.

Amazon ratings pcvalet statistics

Out of 5078 orders, only 5 have been counted against our rating. I’m really pleased that so many are good, but in my eyes, 5 unsatisfied customers is still far too many. My wife Val and I always strive to please our customers, doing whatever it takes to make them happy – as they say, the customer is always right.

amazon ratings pcvalet improvementsIn the case of these three negatives, none of the customers contacted us first. With regards to negative feedback, we’d always appreciate the chance to fix or help resolve any problems before it gets to the stage of people leaving negative feedback. We can’t always compete on price, but believe it’s the customer service that proves itself in the end. We hope you think so too. Overall, I was ever so pleased to be ‘excellent’ on Amazon – proof that we’re doing what we set out to – make customers happy.

What do you think? Is there anything else we could improve?





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