Save money with regular computer cleaning

Regular cleaning will help your computer run smoothly and prolong its life span. Dust blocks the circulation of air, which is of crucial importance for keeping your machine cool. Allowing the dust to clog the vents, and the vital components inside your computer, like the Central Processing Unit (CPU), will heat up, and heat is the biggest cause of component failure.

By cleaning your computer regularly and keeping it cool, you can help to keep it working properly and avoid expensive repairs.

We stock an extensive range of computer cleaning and anti-static products,

Here is one of our most popular screen cleaning products: Value Cleaning Kit for LCD TFT Laptop Monitor Screen Cleaning Cloth

This highly effective non-smearing anti-static cleaning solution has been especially formulated for all types of LCD, TFT, and Flat Screens. Use in the home and the office environment. Great for removing finger marks, dust build up etc.

The micro fibre cloth is lint free, highly absorbent, scratch free, ultra soft, and multi-use. Use on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirty finger marks and dust.

Please note: not suitable for mesh filters or plasma technology

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