How we’re trying to get around the rising P&P

With the huge rise in postal charges that we all faced earlier in the year, we have tried to think of a way that we could somehow avoid it.  Postage is often the deciding factor in what we all do regarding sending off parcels and so on, particularly leading up to Christmas and the consideration that sometimes the gift costs less than the shipping.

We came up with one solution, that where possible, we could flat pack the boxes that many of our items came in, allowing us to send them by the lowest Royal Mail prices, thus saving us from having to pass on the postage rates to our customers.  We added a slip of paper in with our items, asking for feedback on the new packaging idea, so imagine how delighted we were to receive this from one of our customers…..

To whom it concerns,

SmartGlove & Smart People = Smart Packaging! It was great to see people thinking outside the box :)
I do not typically invest time and effort in customer surveys or email companies feedback to complain, but having just received my new SmartGlove for my aching wrist onto my desk in work it was encouraging to see a company being so innovative and proactive with a simple and clever approach.

The flat-pack box is a great idea, and the attached customer communication slip very clearly explained the benefits to your company & to me the customer. Companies willing to challenge the status quo and be creative in challenging economic times is really encouraging to see as a consumer & I love the underlying common sense of your new experiment.

Great idea & great communication!

Impressed Customer

If you have any other comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them!

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