Cold therapy pain relief for sports injuries

Cold therapy has a number of benefits and effects. Pain relief is often required following a sports injury. Applying cold will numb the area providing pain relief from muscle strains and joint sprains. Ice will reduce internal bleeding, particularly following muscle strains and help reduce swelling. Cold will also reduce muscle spasm and decrease metabolic rate reducing the oxygen requirements of the injured cells.

Ice should not be applied directly to the skin or it may burn – our Polar Ice Therapy Products offer a simple and safe solution. We have different size and shape options for all injuries, including knees, shoulders, back, ankles, elbows, calves and more.

These encapsulated ice packs
 conform well to the body, transport easily, provide quick freeze time
and are made with soft fleece material.

Designed for anyone who participates in sporting activity and physiotherapists as part of their treatment process.

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