[ASK RON] Pain Relief for the Back of my Hand

Hi Ron,
I have damaged the back of my hand using a punch bag. My wrist is fully mobile and pain free, but is there any support I could use as the pain is behind the knuckle but higher than the wrist.

Hi Neil,
Thank you for your question.  I can recommend products that might be helpful if you are purely looking for support for your hand. The first one is our IMAK Smart Glove.  This will give you the support from your knuckle area to your wrist as it features a flexible back of hand support splint for full use of the hand.  The second item is our Wrist Wrap, that provides adjustable support and compression to the hand and wrist, and can be tightened and loosened throughout the day for your support and comfort.  Alternatively, you could try the IMAK Computer Glove, which helps to relieve palm and hand pain whilst allowing complete mobility.

I hope this helps and no punching for a few days!

Best regards,

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