[ASK RON] Graves’ Disease and Eye Masks

Hi Ron,
I am interested in purchasing one of your eye masks.  On your specification for use it mentions the mask is recommended for puffy eyes. How effective is it and would it be ok to use on very sensitive eyes?  I have Graves’ disease and my eyes are swollen and sensitive.


Thanking you in anticipation.
Kindest regards,


Hi Mags,

I hope our IMAK Eye Mask may give you some relief from Graves’ ophthalmopathy.  The stitching on the masks make crossed darts that are designed to leave room for your eyes and lashes, so you don’t get that “squashed” feel.  For extra relief, you can place the mask in its bag and leave in the freezer until you want to use it.  The ergoBeads inside the mask will not freeze, but will be very cold and create a gentle massaging effect.  This should be helpful for puffiness around your eyes without pressing on your eyelids.

It goes without saying that this isn’t a treatment for your condition, but I really hope it helps to give you some benefit with your symptoms.

Best regards,

2 thoughts on “[ASK RON] Graves’ Disease and Eye Masks

  1. can you help me i suffer fron hite fingers raynaulds and i have thee worst one of all ,all my nerves in my right hand have gone no rip in two fingers and little finger and next one have gone ive had operation on elbow to have nerves cut releve the presure in hand and had the operation but iam still struggling with little finger

    • Hi Lynn,

      We are really sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort, but your situation goes beyond the usage of our gloves as they are mainly for arthritis, RSI and carpal tunnel problems. I don’t think we have anything that could help you. You probable need to go to more of a specialist website.

      Kind regards

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