Arthritis and the Weather

Whilst there is very little scientific evidence to support the fact that arthritis worsens in cold and damp weather, many sufferers will tell you different. For many people, the flare up of an arthritic joint does seem to signal a change in the weather, even a storm brewing. Some doctors do believe that their patients suffer with aching or stiff joints, but medical researchers have not come up with any substantial evidence to say that this might be the case.    When we’re cold, we automatically tense up. One of the effects of shivering is, in fact muscle aching where the muscle retracts. This could well be the reason why arthritic joints hurt more in cold weather, because the muscles are less malleable and therefore the joints take the strain – it’s not the weather itself, just the body is less relaxed when it’s not warm and toasty. It makes sense then, to ensure that in these winter months, we’re wrapped up snugly and blankets on laps, shawls and slippers are essential pieces of indoor wear. Hard as it is to believe, with all this snow that is around, spring is only around the corner and hopefully, we’ll have a lot less damp and a much more sunshine this year!

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